IMPROVE highlighted in EFFRA newsletter

Following the successful IMPROVE presentation during the EFFRA Fof Conference in April, the project is now described in IMPACT - the newsletter from the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA). The second edition of IMPACT focuses on six EU-funded projects: ROBO-PARTNER, LinkedDesign, Use-It-Wisely, Eco-Solar Factory, SYMBIO-TIC, and last but not least IMPROVE is (pp. 11-13).

In the project description, the overall mission of IMPROVE has been explained and methods to improve industrial production processes through data-driven optimisation showcased. Three of the IMPROVE use-cases are highlighted with an emphasis on the fact that the technologies developed in IMPROVE are tested and verified in real life scenarios.

The full story of IMPROVE and other projects funded through the EU’s research and innovation programme for advanced manufacturing - ‘Factories of the Future’, is available at: