Simulation & Optimization

IMPROVE provides the first combined simulation-optimization round trip solution ready for industrial application. The tool can be implemented as an upgrade to already existing production plants and allows educating operators with augmented reality.

Central characteristics of our simulation-optimization solution:

  • Quality forecast, energy optimization and roll change simulation
  • Education of operators:
    • Tool uses repeatable augmented reality (AR) experience to teach the operator in the -field of process/machine KPI, machine documentation, and instructional content with video/audio
    • AR applications support the operators by providing information related to predictive maintenance and step-by-step service/replacement procedures
  • Reducing resources by automatising tasks in modelling development
  • Based on a model library the tool automatically configures the simulation model

Based on real industrial cases, IMPROVE demonstrates that modelling and simulation, combined with optimization, is a resource-effective way to improve the overall manufacturing process.

For more information, please contact our coordinator Prof. Dr Oliver Niggemann.

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Prof. Cesare Fantuzzi (UNIMORE) talks about the IMPROVE solutions