The virtual factory of the future

The virtual factory of the future is a Cyber replication of the physical factory and is comprised from learned models. Novel intelligent functions utilize the vFoF to achieve the three main project objectives.

First, the holistic plant life-cycle of the physical Factory of the Future (pFoF) is optimized by simulation, analyzing a multitude of parameters within the experimental environment of the vFoF. This optimization enables rapid implementation of plant efficiency which can also extend to new products.

Second, the vFoF is used for condition monitoring such as detecting wear before a breakdown. This minimizes unplanned production stops, which is vital for complex supply chains. Finally, humans are supported to handle new functions on complex machines via a suitable HMI and a Decision Support System (DSS). Through the use of a learning centre, adaptable to varying sociotechnical contexts, the application of such novel techniques will be facilitated.