Physical factory / Demonstrators

Technologies developed in IMPROVE are tested and verified in real life scenarios. IMPROVE is structured to rectify the common difficulty difficult to gain access to a company’s production data and many scientists work with small demonstrators unable to reproduce the amounts of data a real production can create.

The IMPROVE partners have access to powerful, laboratory demonstrators and real life production plants. The technologies for data acquisition, model learning, simulation, optimization and the decision support system are developed, tested and verified in real world production plants.

Some of the demonstrators in IMPROVE:

SmartFactoryOWL (IOSB / HS-OWL)

In the SmartFactoryOWL, a cutting-edge lab environment for ICT-based automation technologies, the most important research topics for digitization at the shop floor level of the factory of the future, such as adaptability, resource efficiency and cognitive human-machine interaction are addressed. Located on the campus of the OWL University in Lemgo in the heart of germans leading-edge technology cluster "Intelligent Technical Systems OstWestfalenLippe it's OWL", the SmartFactoryOWL is simultaneously research and testing lab for the scientists and engineers of the involved research institutes and companies as well as an outstanding learning environment for students (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D) of engineering study programmes. In particular for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) it is possible to test and optimize their production systems with integrated Industry 4.0 technologies and to train their staff.

Reicofil – For hygiene and medical applications

Over eighty percent of nonwovens go into the production of hygiene and medical articles. In this area nonwovens have to meet high requirements. Stay in tune with new trends and demands. Our line for hygiene and medical applications can be flexibly adapted to meet your requirements, for example with the installation of a further spin beam, new treatment processes, and other equipment.


Product development SSS Product development SMS
Throughput range: 120 - 270 kg/h/m S throughput range: 120 - 270 kg/h/m
Mmax. speed: 1000 m/min Max. speed:1000 m/min
Fabric weight: 8-70 g/m² Fabric weight: 8-70 g/m²
Raw materials: polyolefins Raw materials: polyolefins
Applications: hygienic products Applications:e.g. hygienic and medical products
Fields of use: product development, process optimisation, raw material tests Fields of use:product development, process optimisation, raw material tests

Brückner Maschinenbau: Film stretching lines

On film stretching lines a cast film is extruded from plastic granulate and stretched by applying mono- or biaxial orientation. Due to a change in the morphology of the molecular structure the films obtain a wide variety of advantageous properties as well as a reduction in total thickness. Since the early days of film stretching, Brückner has set the standards in this highly specialized field with the largest, most flexible and fastest production lines ever built.