Xcelgo A/S

Xcelgo develops and distributes the Experior software platform for modern 3D digital manufacturing. Experior supports 3D modelling along the entire life cycle of systems from sales animation, discrete-event simulation in the design phase, virtual commissioning (PLC as well as IT testing), high-end operator training simulators, and optimization during operation – all within the same modern 3D software platform. Xcelgo additionally provides related services such as objects and model building for simulation and virtual commissioning along with project training and company specific development of standard objects for fast 3D modelling by pick’n’place. Xcelgo is deeply involved in Danish national initiatives for redefining the use of modern 3D simulation tools for Digital Manufacturing & Virtual Commissioning in industry and at technical schools and universities.

Xcelgo contributes to WP4 – Simulation and Optimization. The main task will be to develop and implement modules and simulation features specified by the project for creating the simulation environment for WP4. This will include, but not be limited to plant objects and parameters, data interfaces, intelligent plant optimization algorithms, energy consumption algorithms etc. Xcelgo will additionally play an important role in supporting model building and simulation model runs during the project execution.