Transition Technologies

Transition Technologies S.A. is one of the country’s largest integrator and software company offering its products and services primarily to clients from sectors of industry, energy and gas market in Poland and worldwide. The company holds a strong position of a technology leader with many years of experience in implementing advanced software solutions and services for industry automation solutions and decision support systems for heavy industry, automotive and defense customers.

A division of the Poland Solution Centre (PSC) was established in Łódź on 3 July 2006 for the purposes of cooperation between Transition Technologies and Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) – a global leader in supply of specialized software for design and management of products (PLM – Product Lifecycle Management). Most projects carried out in Poland Solution Center are based on the Windchill and ThingWorx platforms. Currently, Poland Solution Center employs 150 of specialists providing PLM software solutions for dozens of customers all over the world. This department also conducts R&D activities and development services in the fields of new PLM, SLM (Service Lifecycle Management) and IoT (Internet of Things).

The total number of Transition Technologies employees exceeds 700. Transition Technologies S.A. has a status of "Research and Development Center" granted by Polish Ministry of Economy in 2010


  • R&D Center conducting research on innovative ICT solutions for industrial applications
  • leading Polish supplier of advanced software solutions for decision support systems including process control, optimization, forecasting and PLM/IoT
  • holding a strong position of a technology leader with 20+ years of experience and 700 experts implementing advanced solutions for the industry
  • strong connection to academics through joint projects and personnel (CEO - Konrad Świrski is an active professor on Warsaw University of Technology – the faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering and the head of the Institute of Power Machinery and Mechanics).

TT will contribute to WP1, WP2 and WP4. TT will basically set requirements for data management, in WP1. In WP2 TT will provide their commercial software for the centralized cloud service in order to implement the data management concept (D2.3). In WP4 TT will support TUM in establishing the optimization algorithms for every production module. On the base of this, TT will also support the development of the optimization aims for optimizing every single module of the factory in the context of the current production scheme (D4.1).