Ocme s.r.l.

OCME, whose name means Emilian workshop for metal constructions, was founded in 1954. Today the company is one of the industry’s world leaders in the packaging equipment market with more than 10.000 machines installed all over the world. The company employs 600 people and operates 7 active subsidiaries. Since 1994 OCME is certified under ISO 9001 guidelines. Initially OCME manufactured systems and equipment for the tomato processing industry, but starting from 1958, when the first weight filler was produced, it’s business has been focused on packing and filling machines, which today are the cornerstone of the OCME manufacturing programme. OCME accomplishes its mission to build machines and systems that allow package handling and/or filling in an efficient and economic manner. The company promotes at every level of its organization as well as when conducting its business, awareness in business transactions, social and environmental sustainability, labour standards protecting safety and health of the workers.

OCME delivers high quality products in a way that it reflects the Company’s commitment to conduct business activities in full compliance with applicable laws and job guided by integrity and honesty.

Starting from 1958 (weight filler) through 1962 (volumetric filler), 1964 (palletizer), 1967 (depalletizer), 1971 (wraparound case packer), 1986 (shrink-wrap packer), 1992 (robot palletizer), 1994 (in-line palletizer and combined wraparound and shrink-wrap packer), 2003 (laser guided shuttle), 2004 (level filler), 2006 (labeller), 2007 (layer forming system with manipulators), 2013 (monoblock for the end of line) and 2014 (Vega HT for special packages with Packetto and modular lines „Blox“) a continued growth and innovation research.

As participant of WP1, WP4, WP7 OCME will ensure strong references in projects for beverage sector (over 60% of sales) where provide complete lines for beer, mineral water, soft-drink, wine & spirits and in FCT - Food, Toiletries and Chemicals – sector (approximately 35% of sales) where OCME is specialized in supplying filling lines for viscous liquids and packaging and palletising system for food, edible oils, detergents for personal and household care, tissue, petro-chemical products, pharmaceutical products. Especially for compact lines OCME have developed many methods to reach benefits in performances and reduction of energy consumption and waste which lead to customer’s cost savings.