Marmara University

Marmara University (Mar) with more than 3000 faculty members and a student body reaching 60.000, located in several different campuses scattered throughout Istanbul, following a great tradition has been one of the leading institutions of higher education in Turkey for 124 years. Together with the Faculties of Engineering, Medicine and Dentistry the Marmara University also comprises the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences which provides education in four different languages. Both the faculty and the students compete in their participation and dedication to academic work to enhance the educational quality and the effective implementation of scientific studies.

The Computer Engineering Department at Marmara University was established at 1990. With 13 faculty members and 7 research assistants, the department offers classes at both undergraduate and graduate levels, to about 350 and 45 students, respectively.

Considering research as an integral part of the academic environment, the academic staff concentrates on pattern recognition, machine learning, software engineering, microprocessor design, image processing and data mining.

Mar is leader of WP5, which deals with the analysis and the interpretation of the data received using machine learning techniques. In particular, a two-step analysis to apply to data received from a number of sensors/transducers is planned. In the first step, the temporal data are segmented and converted into a sequence. In the second step a model can be constructed for the behavior of system.

Comparing the system behavior recorded at any time interval to the normal/regular behavior, the non-normal behaviours may be picked up, which will mainly contribute to WP3. Further, comparing the system behaviour with those originating from different models, the problem of the system may be identified.