IMPROVE Approach

The overall concept of IMPROVE is to support humans‘daily work in distributed production plants, as their complexity nowadays often exceeds humans’cognitive capabilities. Tasks such as anomaly detection or optimization will be shifted from human cognitive resources to decision support systems.

The following figure depicts the IMPROVE project strategy and interactions of elements for creation of the virtual factory of the future (vFOF). Click to learn more about the individual work packages.

WP 3: Machine LearningHMIDecision Support System(WP 6)Simulation and Optimization (WP 4)Condition Monitoring(WP 5)Diagnosis and Error Causes and Identification (WP 5)Prediction Models (WP 3.1)Models of Normal Behaviour (WP 3.2)Causality Models(WP 3.3)Expert Knowledge(WP 3.4)Demonstrator and Prototype(WP 7)Synchronized Data Acquisition andManagement (WP 2)...vol = get_sensor( press = get_sensor(if (vol > 10.4 && presswarning(“Pressure ...